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A remote control tool with plenty of useful features for both professional and amateur use

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updated on October 19, 2022


No installation, occupying next to no space
Completely free for private users
Unique user interface with browser-like tabs
Supports virtually any platform
Hosting users can limit activity from other users greatly
Loads of useful features


Non-private users will have to pay in order to use the software
Price: $
Remote control over other computers is useful in countless scenarios, especially for people who work in tech support, or basically any company which deals with computers connected to the network. There are numerous tools for this job, but AnyDesk stands out because of several reasons.

AnyDesk is a free remote access tool, but if you are a company and you wish to use it on a professional scale, you will have to pay for it, as it is free only for private users. After you download it, there is no installation required and you are ready to start immediately. Its user interface reminds of a browser with new tabs opening up as you open various settings.

Its compatibility is amazing, and so far you can enjoy it on Windows, Linux, macOS, as well as Android, iOS, FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi. It's capable of producing a fluid connection even with limited bandwidths, as it can balance the connection in order to provide the best results.

There are plenty of useful settings, which appear after the connection has been established. For example, you can turn off control and use the view-only mode. Transferring files between connected computers is as simple as copying them to clipboard and simply pasting them inside AnyDesk.

Control can be switched during a session, which can also be extremely useful. If you wish to keep everything monitored, the entire session can be easily saved to a video file as well. As a host, you can customize various security settings, such as preventing mouse or keyboard being locked, preventing the restarting of the computer, or disabling the transmission of sound. All of that in just 2MB of download!
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